YET ANOTHER Person Found Dead Found At Home Of Big Time Hillary Donor!

It’s more than strange how it seems that Democrats always have scandals follow them around like lost puppies, looking for a crook to take them home and feed them.

Just look at the scandals associated with the Clinton family for example.

If you took the number of people that were associated with the Clintons that have come down with a case of what I like to call Clintonitis there would be enough people present to start several baseball teams.

Added to that, the people associated with the Clintons by virtue of having given them large sums of money over the years seem to have scandals that follow them.

Now, if someone passed away at your house by natural causes in hte middle of the night the police or the medial people that show up might ask you a few questions about how that person seemed to be feeling in the hours and days leading up to the death.

If that person dropped dead from a drug overdose, they might be asking you more pointed questions. If it somehow happens a second time than those questions might get somewhere around the level of asking if you want an attorney present…

Via Breitbart:

A black man was reportedly found dead Monday morning at the Los Angeles residence of Democrat donor Ed Buck — the second such mysterious death at his home in the past few years.

Wehoville reports law enforcement has yet to release the identity of the deceased male who died in Buck’s West Hollywood apartment. Buck was investigated — and later cleared — following the death of Gemmel Moore, a young man who died of a drug overdose at the 65-year-old’s home in July 2017.

Following Moore’s death, Buck has been accused of having a “fetish” for inserting drugs into black men he meets through dating websites. Before his death, Moore wrote of Buck injecting him with drugs during their encounters.

Local activists have said the Los Angeles Police Department declined to press charges against Buck due to his sizable financial contributions to then-California Gov. Jerry Brown and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Jasmyne Cannick, a community organizer, is organizing a vigil for the deceased male near Buck’s home.

City Council members John D’Amico and Lindsey Horvath have asked City Manager Paul Arevalo to request Sheriff Alex Villanueva to make an investigation into the death a “priority,” reports Wehoville.

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