WOW! Amazing Teenager Raked In An Epic Amount Of Money Plowing Snow Over A Four Day Period!

When there are people who are willing to work for it, there are people who are willing to pay for their services.

If someone is hard working enough it will show and they will be rewarded. Sometimes you have to take advantage of opportunities.

There’s always money to be made and for a person to be successful if they are willing to go for it.

All work can lead to success. It’s all about if you are willing to go for it.

There are a lot of kids these days that want to be kids until they are thirty. Then there are some enterprising young people that make you have hope for the future.

An Idaho teenager visiting his mother in Seattle hauled in some serious cash after helping Seattle dig out from one of the biggest snowstorms to hit the area in 70 years.

David Holston, 18, a landscaper and snow plow driver from Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, made $35,000 over four days from plowing snow with his truck while he was in the area visiting his mother, who was recovering from surgery, KCPQ reported.

“I was in the hospital when my friend Steve called me and gave me the idea of bringing my plow truck to Seattle,” Holsten said.

The following day, Holston decided to offer his snowplow services to Seattle, setting up an ad on Craigslist to receive offers from potential clients.

When one Craigslist poster offered him $1,000 to plow snow in the area, Holston drove his snowplow truck back to Washington state when he visited his mother on her birthday.

“After the [birthday] party, I hit the road with jobs lined up until midnight. All during that time, I was answering my phone and adding new customers to my snow route for Monday,” Holsten said.

Holsten received many calls from area residents to plow snow-covered parking lots and driveways, digging out 15 sites over a four-day period last week.

The Seattle area had been trying to dig out from a historic snowstorm, with some areas of the city reporting more than ten inches of snowfall this past Saturday.

Seattle’s snowfall also gave Holsten a financial windfall. Holsten said that he charged $500 to $750 an hour for his services, raking in $35,000 by the end of the four days.

The 18-year-old landscaper, who first started his landscaping business in summer of 2018, said he credited his faith for his success and plans to give 20 percent of the profits to his church. He plans to use the rest of the money to buy upgraded landscaping equipment and save up for his first house.

Via Breitbart

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