This Woman Accusing President Trump Of Misconduct Is Hiding A Deep Dark Secret

The woman who has accused Trump of Sexual Misconduct lobbied for campaign job to be his personal makeup artist! A New York cosmetics executive who has previously and publicly accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in the 90s tried to get hired as his makeup artist for the 2016 campaign.

Recent emails obtained by the Hill, show that Jill Harth emailed Trump several times over the campaign to advertise her services as a cosmetic makeup artist.

“Hi Donald, you are doing a tremendous job of shaking things up in the United States. I am definitely on Team Trump as so many others are,” Jill Harth wrote Trump in an email on October 1, 2015, which was sent to him through his New York headquarters.

“I can’t watch television without seeing you or hearing your name everywhere! It’s a good thing for sure but PLEASE let me do your makeup for a television interview, a debate, a photo session, anything!” Harth stated. “It kills me to see you looking too orange and with white circles under the eyes. I will get your skin looking smoother and even toned.”

Jill Harth also wrote in another email a request to meet Trump personally and be his campaign surrogate, saying that she can he can help her to build“self-confidence” and had that Trump nothing but positive interactions with women.

Yet Harth had some choice words for Donald Trump in the 1997 lawsuit against him and during the interviews that took place late in the campaign trail in 2016.

She alleges that Trump sexually assaulted her 20 years ago. She is just one of 19 women accusing the president of sexual misconduct.

Donald Trump has denied any wrongdoing and said he has never sexually assaulted any woman. When asked about Harth emailing Trump to advertise her makeup service, the Trump legal team declined to comment.

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