Glass House Much? Guess Where Michelle Obama Was After Hurricane Sandy?

The current battle cry among the liberals is the idea that the First Lady wore a pair of heels when she arrived with the President the other day to get a look at the damage caused by Harvey.

I really couldn’t give a damn if she was wearing the most expensive shoe ever made or a burlap sack tied to her feet. I really do not think the people of Texas give a rat’s ass either. However, that’ the kind of stuff the mainstream media likes to do; they like to go after the dumbest possible stuff and make a federal case out of it.

Ever since Melania Trump went down to Texas to help her husband with the White House’s response to Hurricane Harvey, the media has been eviscerating her — particularly on her high heels.

The whole kerfuffle began with a piece on Vogue by a “fashion expert” who vaguely resembles Pennywise from “It.” The contumely went far beyond there, though, until even The New York Times got in on it. Never mind, of course, that Melania changed into sneakers on the plane; the fact she was wearing stilettos in dry-as-a-bone Washington, D.C. was all anyone in the media could talk about.

Now, during Barack Obama’s presidency, the first family faced a similar situation when Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast. So, what did Michelle Obama wear when she visited the affected area? Nothing.

No, she didn’t appear at the site of a natural disaster in the altogether (although I’m sure the nudist lifestyle is part of the wider LGBTTQQIAAP32XOMGBBQ acronym, so, check your privilege). In fact, she didn’t didn’t appear at all.

Well, thank God she didn’t wear stilettos. Although given it was Michelle, I can almost see the NYT headline: “Amid Floods, Death, First Lady Demonstrates Poise By Writing Fundraising Missives Hundreds of Miles Away.”

There’s Melania on the day President Trump visited Hurricane Harvey Victims and Michelle on the day President Obama visited Hurricane Sandy victims. Only one of these angers the media.

Now, before we jump all over Michelle, let’s point out that I don’t know what was the best thing for her to do in the situation. For all I know, she made the decision to stay in Chicago and forego the trip to the Eastern Seaboard for a very good reason, although I cannot for the life of me think of one.

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