The Weather Channel Asked To Use His Video, Then He Revealed Who He Really Is….

If you work for a pretty large company, especially one in the broadcasting field you aren’t going to know the names of everyone but I would like to think you’d at least know who was on the air for your station.The Weather Channel has been feeling the liberal love lately with its corporate drum-beating for “climate change” hysteria, but an organization that can’t even keep track of its own employees ought to show a little humility about predicting what the planet will be like in 100 years or so.

The powers that be at the 35-year-old operation should be feeling pretty embarrassed after the network sent a tweet to a Twitter user asking for permission to use a video.

When the user responded to the request, they immediately realized their mistake. This is the definition of epic fail.

The tweet has been making the rounds on social media and was picked up by Reddit. The story goes that a Twitter user by the name of Paul Goodloe posted a video on his page that was so good that The Weather Channel wanted to use it.

The official page for TWC therefore sent a tweet to Goodloe asking for permission to use the video, and sent him a link to view the terms and conditions. Goodloe shot back with an epic response that sent The Weather Channel scrambling… “@twcnewsdesk, do you know where I work?”

Yes, the guy actually works for the network. The first major clue that the news desk should have noticed was that shiny blue badge next to Goodloe’s icon photo… you know the one that lets other users know that this is a verified account?

There is no evidence of this exchange anywhere on Goodloe’s or The Weather Channel’s pages now… probably deleted in a hurry but that didn’t stop one Reddit user from screen capping the image and sharing it to everyone’s giddy delight.

“Totally wasn’t me Paul, it was the other intern with less seniority!,” one user jokingly exclaimed.

 Another user pointed out that the news desk made this mistake a second time, only it happened on Instagram.

Paul’s response this time, “@weatherchannel, are we really doing this again today?”

The coolness with which this guy response makes the whole situation even funnier. How terrible of a network can you be to not recognize your own employees?

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