WATCH: This Woman Built Her House From Scratch After Watching YouTube Videos On How To Do It….

I have followed a couple of YouTube tutorials before to get simple stuff done, like the best way to cook something and whatnot. This, however, takes things to a whole new level. Anyone who has ever scoffed at following along to a YouTube tutorial, check this out. A woman used YouTube to help her build an amazing new house, from the ground up! Unbelievable, but true.

Cara Brookins and her four children started building the house in 2008. They did the entire project with the assistance of YouTube, from installing windows, to running the gas line.

Cara explained that she and her family had endured a domestic violence situation and were looking for a fresh start. She was moving on from two bad marriages – she was also in debt.

Since she didn’t have money to hire builders for the job, and homes were either too expensive or too small for her family, Cara bought an acre of land in a suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas, and set out to build a home on the property herself. She estimated that she would need about $130,000 total in tools and materials. She sold a small property she owned for the money and got to work.

She explained to CNN: “Things can get a little expensive when you are escaping an abusive relationship and have four children.”

Cara noted, “My oldest son, Drew, helped me draw the blueprint to get approved by the city.” Once approved, the family worked for 9 months to build their home, using YouTube to guide the way. Occasionally she would hire a family friend with building experience for $25 an hour when they happened upon an issue that she couldn’t solve with the help of the internet.

“The entire process brought our family closer together and we learned that nothing is impossible. We found new hope,” she noted.

The final home, which they dubbed Inkwell Manor because she wanted to write there, is 3,500 square-feet and has 5 bedrooms and a library. She wrote a book about the experience, titled, “Rise: How a House Built a Family.”

Cara remarked: “I never intended to write a book. I was ashamed. But I think it is important to shift your perspective on any negative situation and do something big.” She added, “Never think of your situation as a solo journey. You can heal and grow together with your family.”

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