WATCH: Donald Jr Took A Liberal Heckler And Ripped Them Apart In One Short Sentence!

There are a lot of things that liberals don’t quite understand about the Trump family and quite honestly don’t want to know or admit because it would probably shatter their messed up perception of reality…

Activists on the Left are following the Trump family around and heckling them with the same tired talking points repeated on the mainstream news. Like the rest of us, the First Family has had ENOUGH.

One heckler challenged Donald Trump, Jr., demanding his father release his tax returns. “I don’t know. I think Rachel Maddow released something showing he made 150 million bucks and paid 45 million in taxes. I think the ones that were released showed that he paid a much higher percentage in taxes than Bernie Sanders AND Barack Obama, and made a lot of money in the process,” shot back Trump Jr.

“So guess what? You can do it all. You can be successful, you can pay your taxes and you can pay a lot more than the hypocrites who want you to pay 90 percent returns. And I think that is what he did. So I really appreciate it,” he continued.

Donald Trump, Jr., went on to thank Rachel Maddow for releasing the tax returns in her “bombshell” report last month that left many Democrats disappointed.

Rachel Maddow let down her liberal fans after over-hyping President Trump’s tax returns, which someone leaked to her network. Maddow dedicated a show to the returns, which ultimately proved Trump paid more than his “fair share”.

As Trump Jr. explained, the only thing Rachel Maddow revealed was that you can pay your share in taxes and make millions of dollars in the process. In other words: the American Dream is still alive and well. Thanks for the uplifting bit of news, Rachel!

President Trump paid an effective tax rate of 25 percent while Barack H. Obama paid just 18.7 percent and Bernie Sanders paid a mere 13.5 percent. Even Rachel Maddow’s parent company, Comcast, paid a lower effective rate than Trump. We still laugh thinking about her reporting that night, and revel in how she accidentally vindicated our duly-elected president.

Not only did President Trump pay a higher rate, but he made vastly more than Obama or Sanders — achieving great success in the private market. President Trump paid more in taxes in one year than the two politicians will make in their lifetime. Good for him!

The leaked tax returns also helped President Trump by revealing how unfair the tax system is. He was incredibly successful, but he was ultimately punished for his success with a higher tax rate than do-nothing politicians.

President Trump still plans on updating the tax code after healthcare legislation is finalized. Personally, we can’t wait to see what he comes up with. With his excellent business skills, we’re sure he’ll figure out something that suits everyone.

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