WATCH: Anderson Cooper Got Drunk On Live And Told A Secret About His Mom NOBODY Wanted To Hear!

Anyone that’s got any sense about them would be willing to say that there’s not anything wrong with someone having a drink on New Year’s Eve, but CNN takes it too far.

It’s maybe the one time a year that anyone that some of us might know personally will have a drink. Maybe they have the bottle of wine stashed somewhere that them and their family have at midnight or whatever.

The point is that there is nothing wrong with this provided it isn’t done to excess. The problem is that so many people do it to excess.

That being said, if you would have told any reasonable person twenty or thirty years ago that one day you would be able to turn on a New Year’s Eve celebration on your television and see the presenters openly drinking you would think the person that told it to you was insane.

Dick Clark hosted the New Year’s Eve special on ABC for eighty years and there was never a time where anyone could say that he was too drunk to stand.

HOWEVER, when you have an organization like CNN that’s more interested in glorifying nonsense than actual news it has become quite apparent that they just don’t care if you are a news presenter that is supposed to be as serious as a heart attack one moment talking about how many people died in the accident or tornado; then talking about how bad the liquor is burning as it goes down…

H/T Daily Wire:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper downed multiple shots of tequila during CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage on Monday night, which led to some bizarre antics, including telling actress Faye Dunaway about his mom’s sex life.

After downing one particular round of shots, Cooper began making obnoxious sounds as he complained about the alcohol: “Ah! Gaw! Ah! Aw! It’s like burning your lungs! Aw!” Cooper said, along with awkward hissing sounds.


Later in the night, while talking with Dunaway about famous men she’d worked with, Cooper brought up his mother’s sex life, claiming that she “hooked up with” Marlon Brando.

“She and Carol Matthau both watched the movie and both made a deal they were going to ‘meet up,'” Cooper said. “Carol got it first and then set it up for my mom. It was a ‘one night date.'”


TMI Anderson…

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