Wal-Mart Fail! Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA Have Taken Over!

Wal-Mart made their stance clear earlier this year when it came to supporting Black Lives Matter. Now it seems that they have taken it even further.

They have recently decided to start selling Black Lives Matter and Antifa merchandise.

Even though there has been some calls to label these groups and movements as hate groups and terrorist efforts, the merchandise is going to hit the stores.

Some items of clothing even having the word “Bulletproof” on them.

Note that retail giant has already banned other merchandise like the Confederate Flag and an All Lives Matter bumper sticker. Deciding that it was too offensive for the masses.


Both Black Lives Matter and Antifa have both been linked to quite a bit of violence and hate in America.

Both groups have made their hate for supporters of President Trump, Americans who simply love their country, or just white people in general. Sparking understandable outrage as such hate and violence and a calling for their group and movement to be classified as a hate group.

Hate groups like this are largely responsible for the destruction of the statues that represent American History. There have been violent riots where media outlets like the New York Times seemingly supports by stating that dressing in uniform and concealing your face is what gives rioters an “emotional connection” with others.

With millions of Americans having fallen on hard times and cannot afford to boycott. Wal-Mart is taking advantage of that and forcing their beliefs onto others. Although some have suggested that writing letters to corporate offices or other forms of outcry as a way to make their voice heard.

Given that most hate groups do not (and should not) have a place in society, the hypocrisy of this is unfathomable.

No hate group should be accepted by retailers, politicians, or media outlets.

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