VIDEO: Students Shown Trump Quotes On Illegals, Then Told Who REALLY Said Them!

It has become quite clear over the past few years that much of the knee jerk reaction fo President Trump isn’t really based on anything that he says or even does.

The majority of it is actually based on opposition to him guided by the fact that for several years the mainstream media has maligned him with every breath that he has taken.

Look for a moment at the debate over illegal immigration where the people on the left have opposed absolutely everything that Trump has suggested as a possibly remedy for the problem.

Even though, by the way, that there are many Democrats that have suggested the exact same solution in the past decade and chance….but we’re not here to point fingers.

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips recently traveled to American University in Washington, D.C., to prove this point by reading to students several statements about the topics that he attributed to Trump, only to then reveal that they had been uttered by Democrats after the students’ initial reactions.

Via Conservative Tribune:

To say those students were stunned into speechlessness as they grappled with the intrusion of reality into their carefully constructed cognitive dissonance would be an understatement.

Prior to reading the quotes, Phillips first elicited from the students their thoughts on the current partial government shutdown over a border security funding request, and virtually all of the students blamed Trump for the impasse over an ineffective and unnecessary border wall to address a nonexistent problem.

Phillips then proceeded to read the “Trump” quotes, the first of which he attributed to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “We should spend money to build a barrier to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in.” (That’s a slight paraphrase; Clinton’s actual quote was, “I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in.”)


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