VIDEO: She Got Stopped By Border Patrol And Refused To Say If She Was A Citizen…Take A Wild Guess What Happened?

When I was younger, once a year my folks would take me and my sisters on vacation to Canada for a week. It was so fun to us just being able to drive to another country. I remember when we would come across the bridge into Canada they would always stop us and I never thought anything about it.

My mother always kept copies of our birth certificates in the van just in case there was any question that came up. My folks always had their paperwork in order and when asked if they were citizens of the United States they would always say yes without a second’s thought.

Sure, it may have been a pain in the butt sometimes if they wanted to do extra screening on your car or whatever; but there is a thing called knowing which hill to die on. There are some people that clearly do not understand that.

If you are stopped by a police officer in your car, what do you do? Well, of course, the first rule that everyone learns is ‘do what the cop tells you to.’ Especially true, perhaps, at border stations and with border control.

But apparently a English teacher from San Diego, decided it was her moment to pull a liberal social justice warrior act on the Landlord and the remainder.

 From Biz Pac Review: In an effort to make a political point, Shane Parmely refused to cooperate with Border Patrol agents at a check point in New Mexico.

Parmely was eventually detained for over an hour after refusing to acknowledge if she was an American citizen.

Passengers in the car with Parmely recorded the exchange where an agent first asks “Citizens?” as they roll up to the checkpoint.

Parmely decided to be a jerk and not cooperate with the officer, never a good idea.

“Are we crossing a border? I’ve never been asked if I’m a citizen before when I’m traveling down the road.”

She kept insisting she was not required to answer him.

He informed her that she was indeed being detained before pulling out a card citing a 1976 Supreme Court decision that ruled checkpoints designed to check for citizenship within 100 miles of the Mexican border is Constitutional. He repeatedly asked her to read the proof she was asking for, which she refused to do.

She compared the officers to “brown shirts in Germany” and screamed, “So, I’m not going to make it easy for you guys to do your job.”

She’s not standing for any greater political point. She’s just being a jerk to some poor border patrol agents and they are the ones who she has made to suffer with her social justice nonsense. You know, other union folk, like her? She also has to be one of the dumbest social justice warriors ever.

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