Video: Sarah Sanders Just Took Rashida Tlaib To The Woodshed For Her Hateful Tantrum!

Imagine if you will that on someone’s first day on the job they make it a point to try and cuss out the boss.

Just think about how ridiculous the notion of that is for second. If any of you reading this had come into anywhere that you worked in your lives on the first day and said you were going to try and get the boss fired you would be out on your butt by lunchtime.

The left has become so intoxicated with the idea that they are going to find some backdoor way to get Trump removed from office that they are treating him with the same disrespect some of us might have given a substitute teacher when we were in our teens.

The issue at hand is not that people disagree with the President, that’s not it by a long shot. The issue at hand is that they are going about it in such a profoundly disrespectful manner.

There are some things that the President just cannot say when people say these hateful things to him. However, he has people on the team that just don’t have to worry about not saying certain things in response…

Via Conservative Tribune:

The Democratic party is fired up, but Sarah Sanders just fired back.

On Thursday, one of the newest and lowest-ranking members of Congress went on a foul-mouthed rant about taking down President Donald Trump. The same day that Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan was sworn into the House of Representatives, she blasted the president with some not-safe-for-work language.

“We’re gonna go in there and impeach the motherf***er!” Tlaib declared to loudly cheering supporters in Washington.

How’s that push for “civility” going, liberals?

Millions of people watched and talked about the crass video online — and one of them was the president’s own press secretary.

Sarah Sanders appeared on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning with a clear message for Tlaib and other Democrats.

“You’re not going to impeach this president when he had two of the most successful years that any president has had in modern history,” she confidently declared.

“The only reason they want to come after this president is because they know they can’t beat him. They can’t beat him when it comes to a policy debate, and they’re not going to beat him when it comes to 2020,” Sanders continued, referencing the next election.

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