VIDEO: Russian Soldier Reveals That Rations Are Damn Close To CONCRETE…

People that were in the military at one point or another will always make some kind of joke about how when they were in the service they had to eat some relatively strange or oddly prepared things. My dad always used to make the joke about the boiled steaks and the chipped beef that you could plaster walls with.

Well, at least in the United States regular chow hall fare has greatly improved. I think the uninitiated think that all people in the military eat are MREs and whatnot but that’s not the case. It may not be four star stuff all the time but it’s enough to put a decent taste in your mouth and leave you full….not to mention the portions.

There’s an old military maxim that has been attributed to both Frederick the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte over the years: “An army marches on its stomach.”

If that’s true, the Russians better hope they don’t have to march far. In a video posted Dec 2016, a young soldier showcases how poor the food is that some Russian soldiers are expected to eat.

 It’s pretty amazing — who knew that food could defy gravity?

In the video, the young man showcases the concrete-like rations as though he were about to do magic. Then he picks it up, flips it — nothing happens.
He then adds a fork to the equation — he sticks it into whatever the “food” is supposed to be, and flips it — the fork doesn’t even fall out.

And for his final act, he sets the “food” down on the table, upside-down. He hits the back of the plate three times, he lifts it for the big reveal — and still absolutely nothing has happened to the ration.

For added fun, he bangs the upside-down plate over another plate of “food” that doesn’t look that much better, just to show that there’s no danger of it happening.

It’s a silly video, but there’s real truth behind it — how can someone be expected to fight a war or carry out whatever duties they are needed to perform when they are being fed concrete-looking mush?

 People like to speculate whether or not the United States armed forces is better than their Russian counterparts. Why is the United States better? Well, we sure don’t serve them that!

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