VIDEO: Local TV Station Caught Hatefully Editing Trump’s TV Address

President Trump’s address from the Oval Office earlier in the week brought back memories of the pre cable day when folks would gather around every television they could find to hear what the President said.

Added to that, it was the first time in a while it felt like someone was speaking any kind of truth from the Oval Office. We need a strong border and we need the thing as soon as humanly possible.

Now, one thing that always fascinated me about radio and television production is the amount of things that one might have to know to even get a broadcast out there.

Visiting once with a friend of mine when he was in college when I was on leave from the military one year, he had me sit in on a local radio broadcast from the college when he was working at the station and it was pretty interesting to see the other side of the operation.

One thing that he told me before he walked into the studio is that to always assume the microphone was on even when we knew that it wasn’t because the people that own the station will end up finding out if we ended up saying something we were not supposed to.

Via Conservative Tribune:

If you thought the media’s slanted coverage of President Donald Trump’s first prime time address from the Oval Office was bad, just wait. It gets worse.

It appears that a segment of Trump’s address was edited by one news outlet — with results that show the president in a very bad light.

Todd Herman, a radio host at KTTH in Seattle, reported that a listener alerted him via Twitter to video of what was aired by KCPQ, Q13 Fox, in Seattle.

That video on the tweet appears to be a smart phone recording of the beginning of Q13’s coverage of the address — a segment of the Trump speech leading in to a voice-over by the KCPQ anchor.

Check it out here.

That’s not what viewers of the speech saw.

“We performed a side-by-side comparison of the video from our listener … to the raw video of Trump’s speech from CNN,” Herman wrote.

For anyone who thinks the media can be trusted, the results are shocking.

In the Q13 video, Trump’s skin is a very orange tone. Additionally, the video is zoomed in on him, to make his head appear large.

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