VIDEO: GameStop Employee Called A Transgender The “Wrong Pronoun” And Then All Hell Broke Loose!

This whole thing about gender pronouns has got to stop and it has got to stop quick because there are people that are flat out losing their minds over the most minor of stuff.

GameStop is one of those stores that when you walk in, you get the sense that people that work there are enthusiastic about the products that they are selling.

Speaking personally for a moment, I remember taking one of my boys in there to use a gift card that they got for Christmas and they weren’t sure about what game he wanted to get and one of the clerks spent about five minutes discussing with him the good and bad things about the game before he made his decision.

It was a good experience by all accounts and they don’t exactly seem on a person to person level like folks that would try to go out of their way to offend someone.

That being said, there are people that seem like they are going out of their way looking for something to be offended by. Like the whole “Baby It’s Cold Outside” nonsense from this past Christmas season. About ninety percent of the people that were complaining about that stuff knew what the lyrics were until they looked them up. But I digress…

People that look for something to be offended by are the type of people that it doesn’t matter to them if you don’t know them or what they like, they go through their lives assuming everyone has already gotten the memo on what they want and God help anyone that does it any other way.

H/T Daily Wire:

The video starts with the trans individual cussing out the male GameStop clerk after being offered store credit rather than a refund.

“I don’t want credit, you’re going to give me my f***ing money back,” the customer yells.

A woman not in the view of the camera took issue with the trans person’s vulgar language.

“Excuse me, sir, there’s a young man in here — you need to watch your mouth,” she says in a calm voice.

The trans person instantly becomes aggressive, screaming, “Excuse me — it is ma’am! It is ma’am!”

“I’m sorry. I can call the police if you’d like me to. You need to settle down,” the woman responds, keeping her calm tone.

“You need to settle down!” the enraged customer screams back at her, pointing at her face. “You need to settle down and mind your business!”

The trans person then turns to the clerk: “Ma’am! Once again: ma’am!”

“I said, ‘both of you,'” contends the young employee.

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