VIDEO: City Straw Ban Sparks Customer LOSING IT, Wild Brawl At McDonald’s

Anyone that has worked in a food service job like McDonald’s can tell you that they have had a fair share of customers that have been outright abusive.

Now, I am not talking about people who have legitimate gripes like their being something majorly wrong with their order.

We’re more or less talking about people who are spoiling for a fight the second the slightest thing seems amiss and want to make a mountain out of a molehill.

You have customers like that every now and then, that try to turn something into a federal case that could have been solved with asking someone at the front counter politely.

Not saying that fast food employees deserve fifteen dollars an hour or anything but they deserve the same right that anyone else deserves and that’s to not be abused for no reason.

Especially if something is legally out of their control. Like this stuff that some cities are doing with plastic straws. There are a lot of people that definitely think it is a major pain in the neck but the McDonald’s employees and other places where this is a law can’t exactly do anything about it.

Via Western Journal:

A McDonald’s in St. Petersburg, Florida was the scene of a fight between a customer and employee after a misunderstanding about straws.

The New Year’s Eve brawl ended with the customer being arrested around 6:50 p.m. on two counts of simple battery, according to WFLA Tampa.

The misunderstanding began when the customer, Daniel Taylor, began to yell at the employees for not offering straws at the counter, according to BuzzFeed News.

The incident was recorded by Brenda Biandudi who told BuzzFeed that Taylor became furious after not finding straws with the other condiments.

“It was all over a straw,” she said. “He yelled at the employees, ‘There’s no drinking straws here, it looks like someone is not doing their job.’”

An employee, Yasmine James, then tried to explain that a new law in the city banned plastic straws.

The new law will ban straws entirely by 2020, but currently, they are unavailable unless specifically requested by the customer, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

“He was very upset, he started berating her, swearing, saying ‘There’s no law like that,’” Biandudi said, according to BuzzFeed. “She said, ‘Yes it is, we’re not allowed to put straws out.’”

That explanation was apparently unacceptable to Taylor, who reached across the counter and grabbed James by the shirt.

James fought back until the pair were separated by other employees.

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