VIDEO: Anti Trump Thugs Would Lose Their Minds If They Knew Who Wrote The Speech They Are Cheering!

There are some people where it almost seems like they make a conscious effort to not pay attention to a damn thing that they hear. Liberals by and large will listen to anything that they are told provided there is some free stuff that comes along with it.

You can literally tell them that there will be someone that comes to their house every day at noon to hit them in the foot with a hammer and people that are against Trump are doing it all over the country; I guarantee you that you will have people lined up all over the country ready to be hit in the foot with a hammer. This is the kind of lunacy we are dealing with here.

Godwin’s law — the theory that “as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches” — has been in full effect since the launch of the Trump campaign, with the president probably setting a record for the number of times he’s been compared to Hitler by his most hysterical critics.

The most guilty with the “Hitler” rhetoric are Antifa, the so-called “anti-fascists.” Given their violent and destructive tactics, “Fascists Against Fascism” would be a more appropriate name for them, as they’ve adopted fascist tactics to attack their political opponents on the Right (and, contrary to popular belief, Fascism is not a right-wing ideology).

Just to prove how receptive the so-called anti-fascists are to actual fascist rhetoric, a real-life troll decided to give a speech before a handful of Antifa members and other anti-Trump protesters. Here was the catch: the speech was composed almost entirely of quotes from Adolf Hitler.

 And how did they respond? With applause. They had good reason to, given the particular anti-capitalist and pro-socialist quotes chosen to be read.

Watch below:

 Pretty hilarious stuff – don’t you think?

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