VIDEO: A Snowflake Went To A Car Show And Saw The GENERAL LEE. What Happened Next Is HYSTERICAL!

People seemingly don’t know the difference between real life or a television show. They don’t understand the difference between something to do with pretend and real life.

I remember two years ago when the pissing and moaning over the Confederate Flag really started up and people began having these pissfits to the point where I don’t think you can find a copy of the show on DVD anymore.

That being said, there are some people that feel the need to die on a hill for literally everything and it’s sad.

A woman identified as Ybia Anderson ranted and raved hysterically during The Highland Creek Heritage Festival in Toronto when a near-replica of the “Dukes of Hazzard” car bore its traditional Confederate flag insignia.

In the four-minute video, Anderson’s behavior becomes increasingly unhinged, yelling profanities at a man identified as a friend of the car’s owner and screaming, while continuously interrupting him despite asking him for an explanation.

“This racist car with not one, but two Confederate flags on it is front and center, the first thing that people see when they walk into this festival,” Anderson — a woman of color — said. “People who look exactly like me and my son died, were murdered because of that flag.”

“Remove the car or there will be hell to pay,” she demanded.

She shouted, “They hung our people from trees until our f**king eyes bugged out!”

The volunteer kept his cool as Anderson shouted tearfully, uttering the F-word while in the presence of a child saying “Mommy!” which presumably her own.

Anderson was eventually interrupted by an event organizer, who asked her to stop using such profane language at the festival, where there were many children present. She apologized for the language, and then detoured around the volunteer.

There she began re-focusing her anger at the man standing next to the car, who was simply trying to explain the car’s television show origin.

“As a white man, you have absolutely no place to tell me whether or not I should be offended!” she shrieked.

She then began screaming, “Absolutely because of your race!“

“This [car] needs to be moved, and there will be a disturbance until it is,” Anderson raved.

Bystanders can be heard in the background murmuring and muttering phrases like “Are you kidding me?” and “Calm down.” The women then turned to a dark-skinned man standing next to her and began filming him.

“And you, as a person of color, sir, should not be telling me to calm down,” she said.

The man — who, based on the insignia of his shirt, appeared to be a volunteer at the festival responded, “In the future, we probably will not have you back.”

Warning: the following video contains strong language.

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