UBER Driver Sickeningly Admits To KILLING Half A Dozen People!

When almost all of us were kids we were told something time and time again from our parents and that was to never take rides from strangers.

Now, when you say that people might ask about taking a cab to the airport or something like that. Well, the difference there is that the cab drivers are licensed and there is some kind of barrier between you and the driver a good portion of the time.

Added to that, there is a company that the majority of them work for that knows for the most part where every cab driver is pretty much every moment of their shift.

You take an Uber driver and provided they have the right paperwork to present when they sign up to be a driver, literally anyone can be an Uber driver.

That’s a little bit scary because unless that driver got pulled over for something there’s no real way of telling if that person downed a whole bunch of pills or whatever before they started working.

Added to that there isn’t exactly a central location that they have to report to regularly.

For generations we were told and later told our kids not to take rides from strangers. Now, there is a whole industry based on doing something that is inherently unsafe.

It’s for reasons like that if members of my family that don’t have cars need to get somewhere that I would much rather spend an entire day driving them somewhere than letting them take an Uber.

Via 100 Percent Fed Up:

Former Uber driver, Jason Dalton, pleaded guilty today in a Kalamazoo, Michigan court after he was charged with killing six people between picking up riders.

He claimed he wanted to spare the victims families of a trial.

According to Heavy – Police say Dalton confessed when interviewed after his arrest, telling investigators he “took people’s lives.”

The shootings occurred in three locations, first at an apartment complex where a woman survived the shooting, then at a car dealership where a man and his son were killed and finally at a Cracker Barrel restaurant where four women were killed and a teen girl critically wounded.

Father and son, Richard and Tyler Smith, of Mattawan, Michigan were also victims of Daltons. They were killed at a Kalamazoo car dealership, the second shooting scen. Tyler Smith was a high school senior. The Cracker Barrel victims, all from Michigan, are: Mary Lou Nye, 63, of Baroda; Mary Jo Nye, 60, of Battle Creek; Dorothy Brown, 74, of Battle Creek; and Dorothy Hawthorne, 68, of Battle Creek.

Uber confirmed Dalton was a driver and passed a background check.

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