Decades Old Video Emerges PROVING How Long Trump Has Been Prepping For North Korea Showdown…

Donald Trump is not the type of person that goes into any great endeavor lightly.

It’s been said that he had been thinking about running for President for at least a couple of decades and only going down the escalator when the time was absolutely right.

Same thing with North Korea, you don’t just wake up on some random Thursday and say that you’re going to meet with the leader of North Korea on a whim.

Liberals find it absolutely mind boggling when someone like Donald Trump says how long something like this has been on his mind when they all know that if they are going to on a vacation they spend months planning a trip to a place they’ve been to five times already.

It’s been really remarkable watching so many people on the left pretend that Trump is doing something wrong with this North Korea thing.

Not only are a lot of liberals bashing him but many are trying to pretend that Trump came into this meeting unprepared.

Mika Brzezinski over at MSNBC had a meltdown when Trump suggested he was prepared for the meeting.

What Mika and others in the media don’t seem to realize is that Trump didn’t just wake up on day one in the White House and start thinking about North Korea.

Trump has been studying this issue for decades and he clearly has been formulating a game plan for months and months.

In fact, check out this video from decades ago.

And this video…

Clearly, North Korea has been on his mind for a long time now and the idea that this guy isn’t prepared is just silly.

From Conservative Tribune: Also in 1999, Trump sat down for an interview with Wolf Blitzer on a wide range of issues (this, for those of you who weren’t around then or may have forgotten, was when he was considering a presidential run with Ross Perot’s Reform Party before it slipped into squabbling and terminal doom).

They also discussed North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, with Trump saying that  “(w)e’d better do something rather quickly with them, and, hopefully, through negotiations.”

Blitzer asked what would happen “if the North Koreans don’t play ball, develop a nuclear capability, go forward with their missile development — does the United States act unilaterally?”

“If spoken to correctly — correctly — they will play ball,” Trump predicted.

This interview, mind you, was less than a year before then President Bill Clinton decided that trying to broker a peace deal with the North Koreans should take a backseat to Middle East peace negotiations. That was a gambit that proved to be fruitless in the end and didn’t provide Clinton with the signature peace plan he wanted.

He was right then. He’s right now.

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