Trump Saves Taxpayers MILLIONS By PULLING PLUG On Obama’s Favorite Pet Project

Barack Obama was one of those people that was at best a failed inventor. Sure, he had a lot of ideas but they were all really bad ones.

He never met a bad idea that he didn’t like. Let’s put it this way people, if given the choice between paying his electric bill or his rent on a given month Obama would guy as many tacos as he could fit in a wheelbarrow.

It looks like the Obama White House had no clue on how to create a website design that was efficient, easy to use and cheap. Those who ever had to go on the Obamacare website can tell you that.

Apparently, this extends to web portals as well. Trump’ s administration is going to save $3,000,000 by getting rid of the current design of and unveiling a brand new one.

According to the Washington Examiner, the new White House website will be available by this coming Friday.

The redesign was in the construction process for months as Trump and his administration wanted to find a way to cut costs and yet have a well planned out website.

“The old site was a good temporary measure that allowed us to use what the previous administration had built, but it wasn’t where it needed to be in terms of providing people with content they can easily access,” the Examiner official is quoted as saying.

“It adapts the U.S. web design standards and uses a style that is clean, simple and presidential,” the official said.

Among the improvements: “in-depth policy updates,” are search tools that filter content better, and a look that’s “much cleaner.”

All of these improvements will cost 60 percent less than what they originally did.

“We will save taxpayers almost $3 million per year as a result of the redesigned site,” the official said.

“The president is focused on making smart use of taxpayer dollars and we thought that the previous site was, frankly, costing far too much.”

The security and upkeep of the old site were costing around 6 million a year.

“We are now saving more than 60 percent of that number per year,” they added.

Three million dollars doesn’t exactly sound like a lot, however, in this economy every penny counts.

 Saving 60 percent is a pretty big deal to taxpayers everywhere.

And it’s certainly more than the 15 percent Geico keeps promising us.

Kudos to Trump and his Administration once again for Making America Great Again!

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