BREAKING: Trump 2020 Campaign Tells Acosta, “HAND IN YOUR PRESS PASS”

When something happens like the North Korean summit yesterday, it should make many people think of a particularity time in their lives.

Of course, I am speaking of any time that your parents had to do something important where you had to be present for it.

We all remember that speech that mom and dad would give us before we got to wherever it was that we were going to and most of it would involve the words best behavior. We all knew what would happen if we didn’t hold up to their expectations.

Liberal commentators and reporters really don’t understand that principle, they don’t get that there are times that are the wrong time.

President Trump made history yesterday after he brought Kim Jong Un to the table, and negotiated on behalf of the world to denuclearize the Marxist nation.

While the President was having his moment, CNN’S Jim Acosta, In Jim Acosta fashion completely embarrassed himself acting like an immature child shouting out questions that could have been saved for a later date.

Leave it to CNN to send their worst to cover such an important event.

The worst part about it, Jim thought it was funny on twitter to post his shenanigans to twitter.

No one expects anything from CNN anymore. They’re the Clown News Network. Might as well turn them off, and never turn them back on again.

President Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale slammed Jim Acosta Tuesday morning calling for his press credentials to be immediately suspended after his latest disgraceful stunt.

Parscale tweeted: Jim @Acosta should immediately have his press credentials suspended. He is an absolute disgrace! @realDonaldTrump

Liberals are throwing a tizzy fit because they claim the President just caved to North Korea and is giving in to their demands. I assume these people can’t seem to understand basic logic.

What do they not understand when everyone is reporting that this deal was to denuclearize North Korea and bring peace to the world?

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