This Wife Was Sick Of Her Husband’s Abuse. One Day She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands…

Sometimes, people can only take as much as they can until they cannot take any more. After decades of alleged “domestic abuse”, 69-year-old Antoinetta Baldassarre had finally had enough. Her 80-year-old husband Frank had been terrorizing her for too long and she was ready to get the revenge she needed to be at peace with the situation.

Grandmother Antoinetta took up a crowbar and then bludgeoned her husband to death with it. Now she has admitted to police that she did it because she was tired of receiving abuse from her husband for so long. She confessed to second degree manslaughter and pleaded guilty to the charge on Monday for the 2014 death of her husband. Learn more about this killer grandma below!

Enough was enough for this white-haired killer on October 7, 2014. On that date, Antoinetta repeatedly bashed Frank’s head in with the crowbar until he was dead. Then she dragged his corpse into the bathtub of their Staten Island, New York home. She slept soundly that night for the first time in years.

The next morning, Antoinetta woke up rejuvenated. That’s when she put stage two of her plan into action. She tried to set fire to the home while locking herself in the garage with her hands duct taped together. She wanted to stage a break-in to throw police off her murderous scent.

Firefighters found Frank’s bloodied body in the tub. For several years, she has kept to her break-in story. But on Monday, she snapped and revealed the truth. She had been beaten by her husband for more than 50 years and this was her way of getting the revenge she always craved.

“I was sick and tired of his abuse,” she told police on Monday.

When the judge told her that she should expect a jail sentence of at least 15 years, she looked the judge in the eye and said: “I already did 46 years.”

During the trial, prosecutors tried to poke holes in her story. They claimed that there was no evidence that Frank ever physically assaulted her.

Police never received a call about domestic violence or heard anything about physical altercations coming from her Staten Island home. They allegedly only visited the home to break up verbal disputes.

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