This Newborn’s Birth Weight Is Absolutely Astounding. Can You Guess What It Is?

Most babies that are born in the United States will fall in between a specific level in terms of the weight when they are born. Every once in a while though, you get a baby that just about defies all description.

When an Indiana woman learned she was pregnant with a boy, she was overjoyed. It was her dream to have a son and when that news came she couldn’t contain her excitement. But that was during the first trimester of pregnancy. As her baby bump continued to grow and grow, she worried something was wrong.

But no. She was just pregnant with what was going to be one of the biggest babies ever born in Indiana. Flash forward to May 1st, 2017. Waylon Cole Hallett was born via C-section in Seymour, Indiana at Schneck Medical Center. He topped the scales at 16 pounds and measured 24. 5 inches long. He was certainly the largest baby born at the medical facility.

 Besides being so big, he had health issues. Waylon spent seven weeks in the NICU for his challenging breathing and feeding issues. But now that he is better, he was cleared to return home. Now he’s weighing down mom again (this time when she holds him in her arms).

Waylon was not always super huge inside the woman. During her 37-week ultrasound, Waylon’s mom heard from doctors that they expected him to be about 11 pounds, 11 ounces. That is still a very big baby! But their estimation was way off. He came in weighting more than four pounds bigger than what the doctors thought. Now that he is seven weeks old, Waylon has grown some more. He now weighs 17 pounds and seven ounces. This is the average weight for a six month old baby.

 “The doctors and nurses were like, ‘Oh my god!’” proud dad, Edmond Hallett, told US Weekly. “We ended up weighing him three times because no one could believe he actually weighed 16 pounds. At first I thought maybe the scale was broken.”

His dad admits that Waylon doesn’t do much yet. He’s still sleeping because he is so big.

“He sleeps a lot more than our other babies did, but he’s healthy. When he’s awake, he’s alert and smiles. He’s a happy boy,” his dad said.

Meanwhile, Whitney, 28, Waylon’s mom is still recovering from Waylon’s birth. She was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which can cause the baby to grow exceptionally fast in utero. Because her condition was not properly treated, Waylon grew to dangerous proportions. He needed to be in the NICU for seven weeks before he was cleared to go home.

 According to the American Pregnancy Organization, the average newborn weighs seven-and-a-half pounds at birth. Waylon was twice as big as average.

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