This May Be The Best Explanation Of What Some People Are Democrats I Have Ever Heard….

I have known many people that voted Democrat in last year’s election and to be perfectly honest I sort of feel bad for them. You have got some of the people that do it on purpose and those that maybe just don’t know any better.

Kimberly Morin writes that it appears the lunacy of the left is going to continue when it comes to President Trump. The left has done nothing but gnash their teeth, whine and cry, behave violently, and suppress the free speech of those who disagree with their absolute hatred for Trump.

Story. Yet another crank over at the Huffington Post has decided that no one should be calling Donald Trump “President Trump.” Now, it’s understandable they are angry and don’t agree with Trump. It’s even understandable if they don’t want to call him President. Some people did that with Barack Obama as well, but the reason behind this decision is absolutely hilarious.

From Michael Rudin at the Huffington Post: It’s time to stop calling him “president,” because a president he is not. A president tasks himself or herself with leading an entire nation, undivided ― and this man chooses instead to villainize huge swathes of it.

Does this guy forget that this country became more divided than ever thanks to Obama and Democrats? How many times did Obama villainize huge swathes of the country – gun owners, coal miners, capitalists, corporations, bankers, Christians, police…the list goes on and on.

Obama ran his presidential campaign by dividing the country into segments.

But our little HuffPo friend goes on: You no longer have to call him president because that’s what his title or our constitution says he is ― he’s just the con man who used one to get the other, and believes in neither. He’s not your president because he’s using the office as a means to his end, instead of a means to yours.

Does this guy not think Obama was a con man? Obama said he wanted to unite the country, but he divided it more than ever. Obama said he wanted to create a better economy, but he actually made it worse. Under Obama’s reign, poverty hit its highest record in 50 year and more Americans received some type of welfare benefits than ever before.

And then some more: You don’t have to call him president if he took your child’s special needs education, or your daughter’s right to choose, or your health care, or the jeopardy of our shared planet’s health. Simply put: You don’t have to call him president because he took these, too.

Trump took any of these things away?

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