I remember when I lost my mother last year it was one of the worst days of of my life. There you are one moment standing in line to pick up a prescription and the next thing you know you get a call that you don’t ever want to get but know you are going to at some point.

Liberals have a really odd way of thinking. It seems that they will use just about any way they can to insult someone they don’t like. You know, the ones that are so damned tolerant. However, when they start using deaths of their family members to insult people; that’s just about all I can take..

If you are looking for interesting and insightful political commentary then you probably aren’t paying attention to what the know-nothings in Hollywood have to say.

Joss Whedon, who directed ‘The Avengers’ or something, is one of those Hollywood types that clearly doesn’t know anything about politics.

I’m not talking about just being a liberal. I’m talking about being very, very unintelligent.

Check out Whedon and some his dumb friends being dumb.

Here’s the latest meltdown from Whedon.


Very sick. Most of us who no longer have our mothers would do anything to have them back. What a fail this character is, especially on Mother’s Day. Not to mention the way he wrote it sounds like he had something to do with his mother’s death.

Via The Blaze: Joss Whedon, a famous Hollywood director, writer and producer, took to Twitter Sunday — also Mother’s Day — to bash what America has become under President Donald Trump by stating he’s glad his mother isn’t alive to witness it.
“Today I gratefully give my mother the gift of having been dead for 25 years and not having to see what a tub of f**kery our country’s become,” Whedon tweeted.

Really guy?  I’m torn. Part of me thinks we should ignore clowns like this. Another part of me thinks we need to shine a light on this kind of unstable and unhinged political rhetoric. Whedon is the kind of person that won’t debate on policy. He won’t make actual policy based arguments.

Because he can’t.

He doesn’t know enough.

So, he just sits back and says outlandish things like this for attention and all his liberal buddies pat him on the back for being smart.

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