This Giant Trucker Saw Him Beating His Woman, He Stepped In And Gave Him A Double Helping Of Justice! (VIDEO)

There are no kinder or more giving people than the American trucker.

Sure, there is a bit of a gruff exterior to them if you are looking from a distance but there are truckers out there that will give you the shirt off their back.

Heck, one winter my wife and I were moving our RV across country and we got stuck at a truck stop for a couple of days when they closed the interstate due to bad weather.

For about two days we sat in the big parking lot of this truck stop and I said to my wife that we didn’t have any sugar packets to make coffee with. About 30 seconds later the trucker in the spot next to us knocked on the door to the RV and handed us about ten or twenty sugar packets.

They will watch out for you, and if you aren’t in the business of watching out for your fellow man you had better watch out for them because they will get you.

After witnessing a cowardly man abusing a vulnerable woman at a Waffle House, a good Samaritan, who is a mountain of a man, decided to take action. This big truck driver destroyed the woman beater, and it was all caught on video.

The video footage of the incident starts mid-confrontation.

The bigger man, who is a truck driver, took offense when this coward beat on a woman, so he got in his face with a very private invitation, screaming obscenities at the visibly frightened smaller black male. In just a few short seconds, the problem becomes clear as the big man shouts at the woman beater, “You touch her again and you will be my mother f*cking breakfast.”

The not-so-gentle giant explained to the coward that hitting a woman is not the way to get your point across, and if he ever does it again, the big guy will personally deliver a violent beating upon this loser. This was after the woman beater yelled at his wife/girlfriend and started to choke her right there in the Waffle House.

VIDEO: Big Badass Trucker Destroys Cowardly Woman Beater In Waffle House
The incident occurred inside a crowded Waffle House, and the big man’s anger only escalated during the video. As could be seen, things took a turn for the physical as he decided to rough up the woman beater to make sure that his message was heard loud and clear.
Before long, the smaller man’s friend stood up, which seemed to embolden his buddy. The two smaller men could then be seen standing on top of the restaurant furniture, threatening to shoot the man, but it didn’t seem to frighten him in the least. In fact, at one point he even says, “Shoot me mother f*cker. Shoot me. It won’t be the first time.”

You deserve to be shamed and confronted if you’re hitting a woman. We need more men like this that are willing to stand for others and do the right thing, no matter how dangerous it is. Although it’s highly unlikely that this man is done abusing women, it’s nice to see that he got a nice public shaming for his actions.

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