This A Cappela Version Of Hotel California Might Be One Of The Most Impressive Stage Performances Ever!

I always get a kick out of when I see musical perform without using any instruments. It is fascinating because you are truly using what God gave you to entertain others.

“Hotel California” is one of the most iconic rock songs of the 1970s. The Eagles released this masterpiece in 1977, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone today who hasn’t heard it at least once.


From the dark meaning behind the lyrics to the instantly recognizable riffs, this jam has it all.

But you’ve never heard it like this.

These six men formed an a cappella group and decided not only to do a cover of the song, but to knock it wayout of the park.

If the thought of missing out on that famous guitar solo bums you out, have no fear. Just keep watching.


That guy can seriously shred, and he doesn’t even need a guitar to do it! It takes so much work to reinvent a beloved song like this, and these guys pulled it off beautifully.

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