Thief Caught Stealing Treadmill From Cancer Patient

Thief in Missouri caught on camera taking a treadmill that was Christmas gift for a man who is battling cancer.

Fox Channel 4 KC reported that a Missouri woman from Raytown was caught stealing a treadmill on a home camera.

In the video, a woman wearing a hoodie runs up to this particular house and takes a package from the front porch never noticing the surveillance camera that was in plain sight.

The package just happened to be a 66 lb treadmill meant for the home owner’s dad who is battling bladder cancer. Matt Elwonger’s dad was told by his doctor to stay active so his son bought him a treadmill for Christmas.Matt and his brother both threw in money to get this for their father.

Matt posted the video footage on Facebook and the video was shared over 30,000 times.

“I worked really hard to get that for my dad,” Elwonger told Fox 4 KC. “My brother even — a joint present from me and my brother. We all worked really hard to get it.”

Many people on Facebook have reached out to the Elwonger family and offered them their gym equipment to replace the stolen treadmill.

Later on, someone recognized the box in the street from the surveillance video and dropped it off at a nearby FedEx and messaged Elwonger.

Luckily, for Matt, the thief ditched the box after she opened it and realized it was a treadmill.

“She opened it, and it wasn’t what she wanted so she just threw it out in the street,” he said.

Matt Elwonger picked the treadmill up Wednesday and assembled it to give to his father for Christmas.

Elwonger has reported the incident to the police, however, the woman has not yet been identified.

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