THE ROCK Nails The Snowflake Generation, “Not Everything Is Offensive!”

We used to be a society that as individuals would get offended by something every once in a great while.

We would only publicly express the fact that we were offended when it was something really big. Like if some drunk was swearing in front of kids or someone crossed a line that everyone seemed to agree on.

These days though, people are seemingly offended by everything and want to make a federal case out of it. We are getting to the point where any time you say something about anything you have to listen to some kind of blowback that makes you wonder whether or not everyone is going to eventually have to have their thoughts themselves censored.

Claiming everything that you don’t like being offensive doesn’t make it offensive, it’s just something that you don’t like. However, the coddled mess of a generation that’s going to be in charge of everything in twenty years is making sure of that so you don’t get your way.

Take for example a situation that I witnessed when I was traveling for work about six or seven months ago. I was in a coffee shop having a quick breakfast and this college kid ordered a coffee black and walked over to that little station they all have where they keep the milk and sugar.

This kid stood there for a moment and then walked back up to the counter and then asked for his money back because they didn’t have vegan milk(YES, VEGAN MILK) and then proceeded to complain about how the lack of vegan alternatives was offensive.

We’re getting to the point where not getting your way is offensive instead of things just not working out for you this time..

Via Breitbart:

Former wrestling Champion-turned Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson criticized the contemporary “snowflake” generation of young people, arguing that “if you are not agreeing with them then they are offended.”

In an interview with Britain’s Daily Star, the Fast and Furious star said that this generation’s penchant for being offended is taking humanity backward.

“I don’t have to agree with what somebody thinks, who they vote for, what they voted for, what they think, but I will back their right to say or believe it. That’s democracy,” the Jumanji star said. “So many good people fought for freedom and equality – but this generation are looking for a reason to be offended.”

Dwayne Johnson went on to argue that the propensity of many young people to take offense is only taking humanity backward rather than forward.

“If you are not agreeing with them then they are offended — and that is not what so many great men and women fought for,” he explained. “We thankfully now live in a world that has progressed over the last 30 or 40 years. People can be who they want, be with who they want, and live how they want. That can only be a good thing — but generation snowflake or, whatever you want to call them, are actually putting us backwards.”

The 46-year-old actor has long expressed an interest in political debate and has previously revealed how he is considering a run for the presidency. Last year, he argued that America needs a return to leadership of people who have a comprehensive understanding of American history and politics, as well as prior political experience.

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