The Reason This Woman Smashed Up A Restaurant Window With A Bat Is Completely INSANE! (VIDEO)

There are some things that when you see people getting mad about them you have to wonder whether or not that person was right in the head in the first place.

It’s not always a dining establishment’s fault if they run out of something and it’s rarely the fault of the people that you might have direct contact with at the restaurant.

It’s why whenever my wife and I would take our kids out to eat we would always show them the menu before we left the house and tell them to think about two things that they might really want.

That way if there is something that happens where they might have run out of something for whatever reason that they have an extra thing that they can go to instead of being disappointed.

Clearly, in the video you are about to see there is someone that did not quite learn the fact that there are sometimes circumstances that come up for just plain old fashioned unexplained reasons…

Via Breitbart: The New York Police Department (NYPD) released a video Saturday of a woman smashing a Bronx eatery’s window out of anger because the restaurant ran out of beef patties, police said.

The video, first captured on January 15, shows the woman taking out a large baseball bat before using it to smash the eatery’s window multiple times.

The woman allegedly became angry after an employee at the Back Home Restaurant on East 169th Street told her that the restaurant was out of the beef patties she requested, the New York Post reported.

Police say the woman then stormed out of the store, took out an aluminum bat, and smashed the Jamaican restaurant’s glass window and front door with it.

Authorities say she quickly fled the scene after the alleged act of vandalism.

Police say they are looking for the woman, who has long, black hair in a braid and a thin build.

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