The Guard Told Him To Leave, He Wouldn’t…The Guard’s Response Absolutely SHOCKED Him! (Video)

One of the things that people don’t seemingly understand about the police is if you do what they say and have not done anything wrong nothing is going to happen to you.

On more than one occasion, there have been people that get pulled over for something like not knowing a taillight is out or something like that where the cop just wants to let you know.

If you act like a jerk to the cop there is probably going to end up being a problem just because you were becoming a problem.

Security guards, same thing. If you are somewhere that there is a security guard, chances are you are never going to interact with that person aside from saying hello when you enter the building. The only time that someone is even talking to the security guard is either when they are reporting a problem or if they are the problem themselves.

Then the guard is telling you to be quiet or leave, because if toy don’t there are plenty of things that they could do to make sure that you wish that you would have left.

Via Breitbart:

A man’s clothes caught fire shortly after he was tasered outside a Philadelphia restaurant Friday evening, according to a video posted to Twitter on Saturday.

The video, posted by witness Pat Tackney, shows two security guards from Jim’s Steaks on South Street in Philadelphia trying to subdue the man outside the restaurant before one of the guards took out his Taser to ensure the man would not flee.

Moments later, the man’s pant legs burst into flames.

The man then rolled around on the pavement for several seconds to put out the fire. It is unclear whether the man was injured as a result of his clothes catching fire.

Ken Silver, the president of Jim’s Steaks, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the steakhouse’s security cameras captured footage of the incident as well, and that the restaurant would “cooperate” with law enforcement.

“We are currently reviewing the after-store-hours incident that occurred outside of Jim’s South St. early morning on Feb. 2, 2019,” Silver said in a statement.

“We are and will continue to cooperate fully with the Philadelphia Police Department as needed. We take the safety of our customers and employees very seriously and work dutifully to safeguard their well-being,” he continued. “In doing so we will continue operate with the highest standards as a local merchant, employer and neighbor.”

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