Thanks To Liberals, Shutdown Prison Guards Go Unpaid While INMATES Eat Like Kings!

Having known people that have served as correctional officers at a prison and having known someone that has done time, it can be said fairly that the inmates love it when a CO messes something up.

Being folks that have gotten into the position that they are in because they got in trouble somehow, they love it when a guard finds them in an awful position like getting yelled at by a supervisor for example.

Also, they don’t exactly have much sympathy for any particular hardship a guard might go through. It’s one of the reasons why a guard that is doing their job properly will almost never talk about their personal life in any kind of specific terms.

However, there is one thing about the guards lives the prisoners in many institutions all over the country know about and that’s the affect that the shutdown is having on the people that are supposed to be watching them.

Because of the inability of the Democratic party to be able to see eye to eye with President Trump on the need for stronger border security we have a situation where people whose job it is to make sure the worst of the worst stay put are not getting paid.

These are the epitome of essential employees and they are coming into work every day and doing their jobs. That being said, any kind of special thing that the prisoners might get outside of what they are supposed to get is a flat out insult

Via Conservative Tribune:

Democrats refuse to give the White House a single dollar for a border wall. And that means that federal prison inmates are eating steak dinners while the prison guards who supervise them go unpaid.

And not only that, the prisoners are laughing at them.

“The partial government shutdown created a delicious irony at federal prisons — inmates dining on lavish holiday meals in front of disgruntled staffers forced to work without pay,” NBC News reported Sunday.

“The striking dynamic played out at dozens of prisons across the country on Christmas and New Year’s Day, several workers told NBC News, aggravating staffers who were already fretting about bills to pay and children to feed.

“Inmates at FCI Pekin in Illinois enjoyed a fancy meal of steak and shrimp on Jan. 1. Cornish hen and Boston Creme pie were on the menu at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. And the prisoners at a federal institution in Minnesota munched on heaping plates of chicken wings, according to staffers and documents obtained by NBC News.”

“You’re giving a gift to somebody who committed a crime, but yet you won’t pay the people who are supervising them?” Sandy Parr, who works at the Federal Medical Center in Rochester, Minnesota, told NBC News. The center handles federal prisoners with conditions requiring long-term medical or mental health care.

“It’s frustrating and maddening.”

More maddening, one imagines, is the way that prisoners are treating the guards.

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