Thanks Michelle Obama! President Trump FIXING the Mess She Made.

A campaign for healthier lunches sounds wonderful on paper. However, what happens when schools do not have the resources to do this? Let the kids who this has effected tell you.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama tried to force schools to serve healthier lunches for the children. A great idea but schools were not and could not be given the impossible sum of money to make it happen. This lead to smaller servings and smaller options.

This sparked a twitter trend with school kids across the country who are not happy with these developments. With many uploading photos of their lunches with the hashtag, “Thanks Michelle Obama”

Now it seems like President Trump has heard these complaints and is looking to reserve these rules.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently states that some of the rules and regulations were to be lifted and new ones put in their place for the purpose of taking some of the pressure of the school districts.

1% fat milk will be back on the menu. Also, sodium levels and whole wheat requirements are also getting reworked.

With the students refusing to eat the food Michelle Obama put in place or students simply not getting enough to eat, it seems like these policies have done nothing but hurt the nutrition system for the schools.

Seems like a waste of money. In 2015, these rules cost schools around $1.2 billion.

Now hopefully that money will be put to better use.

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