So Why DIDN’T Hillary Want The Press To Film Her Boarding Her PRIVATE Plane?

Her Royal Highness must not be photographed when entering her plane!

From our good friend AllenBWest via TWS:

The press was forbidden from filming Hillary Clinton boarding her private plane, said an ABC reporter covering the leading Democratic candidate.

“Clinton staff won’t allow press to film HRC boarding her charter. We must get on our plane before she gets out of car,” Liz Kreutz wrote on Twitter.


Very interesting.

Why can’t we see Clinton boarding her plane?

Maybe she doesn’t want to be seen? That seems obvious, but makes things all the more curious.

Even after the campaign changed course and allowed reporters to film Hillary as she deplaned, the questions didn’t end:


Could Hillary’s history of health problems have something to do with this?

What other reason could there be?

Don’t forget – Clinton is only running for president to fill out her resume and nothing more.

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