WOW! South Korean President Heaps EXTREMELY High Praise On Trump For Brokering North Korean Deal…

It’s an extremely surreal feeling to live in a world where the President of the United States has shaken hands with the leader of North Korea.

For anyone that lived through the Korean War, The Cold War or have watched the back and forth that has gone on between both of the countries in so many decades it was almost hard to believe that anything like this would ever happen.

However, President Trump has shocked the world yet again and done what people thought was impossible.

In the wake of the summit meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, there has been a lot of media and talking head analysis about the event.

Liberal mainstream media is naturally trying to diminish it as much as possible. The very same people who a few months ago were celebrating North Korea’s ‘victory’ over Vice President Mike Pence at the Olympics are now tipping over to the other side, criticizing Trump for everything from the height of the flags next to each other to giving Kim meeting at all.

But how are the people in the region reacting? The people to whom this all matters, even more than it matters to us? Who know that parties and the past?

The South Korean president is sounding pretty darn happy and encouraged by the progress and using big words like “victory” and “ending Cold War,” in a glowing statement.

From Biz Pac Review: President Moon said he cautiously predicted the success of the summit and praised both leaders for having the “courage” to take a “daring step toward change.”

Admitting that it’s difficult to trust the North Korean regime after years of “hostility,” Moon said the summit was none-the-less a huge move for those around the world who desire peace.

Moon said that the summit had broken down the “last Cold War legacy on Earth” and was a great victory for all involved.

Moon also credited Trump for accomplishing what no else has been able to.

“Once again, I would like to pay my respect to President Trump who achieve a feat that no one else has ever delivered,” the statement read.

Moon said they will build upon what has been achieved in the summit with “a new path going forward.” Moon stated. “Leaving dark days of war and conflict behind, we will write a new chapter of peace and cooperation. We will be there together with North Korea along the way.”

In a separate statement, South Korean officials expressed some apprehension over Trump’s announcement to suspend joint military exercises on the Korean peninsula. “At this point, we need to find out the precise meaning or intentions of President Trump’s remarks,” a spokesman for the South’s presidential Blue House said, according to Reuters.

And that’s fair.

Trump had already consulted with Secretary of Defense James Mattis on the question prior to making the offer, so it would seem Mattis is comfortable with the thought. He said the offer was “not a surprise.”

It’s a bit of a ‘no harm no foul’ kind of promise since no exercises were planned to be held until next year. So by then, the U.S. should have a pretty good idea if North Korea is going to follow through or is just bluffing as they have in the past.

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