SJWs Strike Again! Forcing More of Their Hypocritical Ideas

Things like affirmative action and social justice came about to help everyone have equal opportunities. Opportunities that gender, race, religion, etc could not hinder you from unless you wanted it to. However, this has now mutated from equal opportunity to “legal” racism against white people.

It has become more apparent that Colleges all over the United States have started to promote “white hating” and “white guilt” ideals. This is just a the latest in a long line of actions that is destroying and dividing future generations.

The latest blunder is a College that has become known for silencing white people who simply want equal opportunity. Say hello to Evergreen College in Washington State.

They have added to the fun by creating a column for their newspaper that bans white people from participating. As stated: “A new column we’ve created for people of color (POC) by people of color!”


Was segregation not made illegal?

Apparently this column is also being used as a white bashing outlet for every other race. They do not even have the pretense of talking about their heritage or even just something mundane like music or current events. This is as anti white as it gets. The very definition of racism.


Lets compare this to media actual white supremisits use. The KKK and the American Nazi party publish things that are viewed as no okay. As they should. However, you do not see colleges taking the step of having a “white only” column in the newspapers.

Why? Because it’s racist, its discrimination.

So why should this be okay? Why is liberal racism okay?

Non whites have had equal rights for a long time. Statistics with non white, females, etc are often ignored in favor of 1960’s history.

This is a movement that has gotten out of control. Shoving “white guilt” and “white supremacy” in peoples faces to the point that people who have had any shred of logic and wanting TRUE equality has turned to the conservatives to listen to them.

Just like all of us, they are tired of being silenced in favor of a liberal echo chamber.

Thomas Sowell, a famous conservative political philosopher and veteran, said “The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department.”


People have been documented as losing their jobs just for their conservative opinions and beliefs. A move that liberals themselves has stated was awful when it was done to them.

The hypocrisy is truly settling in. Starting with these colleges and spreading like a disease to all corners of this great country.

Its a different kind of war.

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