SINFULLY WRONG: Megachurch Pastor Tells People The Ten Commandments No Longer Apply!

When it comes down to it, most organized religions have the same basic rules to live by.

Don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t lie. Be good to your parents. These are rules that most faiths of the world live by.

It doesn’t matter whether you are Jewish, Baptist, Catholic, Hindu we all tend to take the same basic rules from one place. The Ten Commandments.

It’s the same basic rulebook that has been used for thousands of years, almost to the point before recorded history it seems.

For decades, replicas of the Ten Commandments were places somewhere in courthouses and government buildings all over the country.

Shoot, they used to keep them out front of the county jail where I grew up. Sure, they aren’t the complete list of things you should and should not do; but they provide a good starting point. Be good to each other.

Now, when we get into the pastors that are looking as much into growing their image as much if not more than spreading the word of God that’s when we get into murky water.

They are the type that don’t care as much about the message as how the message sounds. Great sizzle, no steak in other words.

One of the finest men of the cloth I have ever known is a man none of you have ever heard of, but he had a way of getting the message to people in a way you have never heard before. He never threw away the rulebook.

Now, it seems that some of the so called men of the cloth are content with throwing away the rulebook.

Via Daily Wire:

Popular megachurch pastor Andy Stanley of North Point Ministries (NPM) says Christians need to stop erecting monuments to the Ten Commandments because they apparently no longer apply to Christians, which is completely false.

In a piece posted to Relevant Magazine on Monday, Pastor Stanley said that since the Ten Commandments come from the old covenant, Christians should stop erecting monuments dedicated to them.

He completely misses the point that Christianity (particularly Catholicism) has commonly taught that the coming of Jesus Christ fulfills the old covenant, not replaces it.

It also teaches that while the new covenant implemented by Jesus Christ does away with ceremonial laws, the moral laws remain forever. That means the 10 Commandments apply to Christians every bit as much today as they did during the time of Moses.

“[I]f we’re going to create a monument to stand as a testament to our faith, shouldn’t it at least be a monument of something that actually applies to us?” Stanley openly pontificated.

“Participants in the new covenant (that’s Christians) are not required to obey any of the commandments found in the first part of their Bibles. Participants in the new covenant are expected to obey the single command Jesus issued as part of his new covenant: as I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

He continued, “But how many times have you seen Christians trying to post the text of the sermon on the mount in a public place? Or the all-encompassing commandment Jesus gave us?”

Stanley goes on to say that this commandment from Christ is “a replacement for everything in the existing list. Including the big ten.”

“Just as his new covenant replaced the old covenant, Jesus’ new commandment replaced all the old commandments,” Stanley contended.

Stanley also bemoaned the fact that too many congregations place too much emphasis on the old covenant.

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