One of the things that most of us were taught when we were younger before we ever got our first drivers license was to pull over for emergency vehicles.

Never mind the fact that it’s a law, it would just be the event thing to do even if it were not law.

Anyone that needs an ambulance is likely in a position where every second is counting and ever moment that someone is impeding the progress of an emergency vehicle you have to wonder what that person thought that they were going to gain from it.

Then again, there are some people that really don’t care all that much about the people that are around them or the condition of their fellow man.

In what can only be described as stunning, a citizen was able to capture the moment a Brooklyn, NY ambulance found themselves trapped behind a UPS  truck.

The UPS driver, who was making a delivery reportedly ignored the loud sirens and lights flashing on the emergency vehicle and continued with his work.

The streets had vehicles parked on both sides, and with the UPS truck appears to be parked in such a way that no other vehicles could pass around it.

Adding to the narrow passage, the roads were also covered with snow.

According to the Daily Mail – The ambulance was held up for more than 30 seconds according to a video of the incident before the driver pulled further up the street.

After allowing the ambulance to pass, the delivery driver was approached by a member of the public who asked him how he would feel if paramedics were delayed in treating his family because the road was blocked.

The driver was clearly uncomfortable and responded: ‘Do me a favor and let me pass, please… and bear in mind if you post that you will get a lawsuit.’

A spokesman for UPS told MailOnline: ‘UPS trains its drivers to follow all traffic laws, which includes allowing emergency vehicles to pass.

‘We are aware of the situation and taking appropriate action.’

Near the end of the video, the USP driver can be heard threatening the citizen who videotaped the incident, telling him he doesn’t have his permission to videotape him and that he will sue him if he publishes the video.

Via 100 Percent Fed Up

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