She Complained About Not Being Allowed To Wear A Hajib, Here’s What THE CITADEL Told Her

I have a lot of memories from my time in the military. Mostly, the one that sticks out is that everyone wore the same thing. If I remember correctly, there was never really a time where one person wore a pirate costume while one person dressed up as a cowboy. Yep, everyone pretty much wore the same thing…


The Citadel has rejected a Muslim student’s request that she be allowed to wear the hijab if she decides to enroll in the military school.

 According to a statement from Lt. Gen. Jon Rosa, an American Muslim student accepted to the Class of 2020 asked to wear a head cover, called a hijab, along with the Citadel’s standard blue, black and white uniform, Live 5 News reports.

“While we hope the student will enroll in the college this fall, the Commandant of Cadets, after considerable review, determined the uniform exception cannot be granted,” reads the statement.

“The standardization of cadets in apparel, overall appearance, actions and privileges is essential to the learning goals and objectives of the college,” it continues. “This process reflects an initial relinquishing of self during which cadets learn the value of teamwork to function as a single unit.”

Suzanne Chisholm is a graduate of the Citadel.

 She said she stands by the decision made, saying she had to make sacrifices herself in order to become part of the Citadel community.

“I had to wear a uniform I didn’t want to wear,” Chisholm said. “I had to cut my hair. I had to follow a bunch of rules and regulations that I didn’t want to follow, but if I didn’t want to do those things then I shouldn’t have gone to the Citadel.”

Of course the Council on American-Islamic Relations has gotten involved and most likely will sue.

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