Sandmann’s Lawyers Have Released Video That Shows The WHOLE TRUTH About March For Life (WATCH)

We live in a soundbite society and have lived in one for a good long time.

Just look at any so called reality show where you have someone that is interviewed and about ten seconds of the interview is shown and edited in a way that allows the producer to show their version the best.

It could be ten seconds taken from a thirty minute interview, an I have seen interviews conducted where people will keep on going until they get the words that they want from a person in order to get their agenda out.

The television news will only show a few seconds of an interview, documentaries even only show a few seconds of something. People are just looking for the juicy bits and not interested in the whole story.

That’s exactly the situation that happened with the Covington Catholic kids a couple of weeks ago. The mainstream media, looking for any way that they can to malign Trump and Trump supporters got this footage and found a couple of seconds that if they controlled the context and the narrative would make Trump supporters look terrible when in reality nothing of the sort was taking place.

In other words, they were trying to wag the dog. That being said, we cannot let them do that anymore.

Via Breitbart:

Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann’s legal team released a 15-minute video on Friday exposing “the truth” about what happened to him at January’s March for Life.

Sandmann’s lead attorney, nationally-recognized First Amendment expert L. Lin Wood, said in a tweet Saturday that the release of the full video was meant to show “the full truth” of what happened to his client at the March for Life, combating many of the “agenda-driven” accusations and threats resulting from the piecemeal 30-second clips circulating the Internet:

The 15-minute video montage placed all the 30-second video clips together in one timeline to combat some of the false narratives promoted by figures in the mainstream media, celebrities, politicians, and church leaders, and to show all of Sandmann’s actions leading up to the confrontation with Native American activist Nathan Phillips.

“Two weeks ago, the mainstream media, politicians, church officials, commentators & celebrities rushed to judgment to wrongfully condemn, threaten, disparage & vilify Nick Sandmann based solely on a few seconds of an out-of-context video clip. It only takes 15 minutes to learn the truth,” the YouTube video’s description stated.

Sandmann’s legal team has been preparing to send defamation suit warning letters to a laundry list of celebrities, individual journalists, media outlets, and several Catholic dioceses who falsely accused Sandmann and his classmates of harassing a Native American.

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