ROGER STONE Drops A BOMBSHELL About Arrest That Could Turn Everything Upside Down! (VIDEO)

Everything about the Roger Stone arrest just stinks to high heaven.

When someone gets arrested there are several things that are supposed to happen in a particular order, it’s one of the reasons why it’s called police procedure.

The reason is that when you are accusing someone of something in such an official capacity that you are putting them under arrest you need to make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row.

Give you an example. There was a course my senior year of high school that I took where the instructor was telling us about a traffic stop that a friend of his performed once where a guy was going something like ten miles over the speed  limit raining and wrote him a ticket.

The problem was, for whatever reason he wrote down the wrong address on the ticket he issued to the guy. The guy noticed this and went to court to fight the ticket. The judge sided with him because proper procedure was not performed.

Via 100 Percent Fed Up:

During his interview with Fox News’ Judge Napolitano, Roger Stone relayed the horrifying moment when Stone realized his wife might get shot by Meuller’s SWAT Team. Stone told the judge that his wife is “hearing impaired”  for not complying with orders she couldn’t hear.

Stone’s wife, Nydia Betran who was born on May 8, 1946, in Cuba, is no stranger to Gestapo style tactics used against citizens. Betran relocated to the United States in 1959 with her family and began working as a model appearing in local advertisements.

Betran was also interested in photography and became a news photographer covering a number of events such as presidential campaigns. While working on President Ronald Reagan’s campaign, she met Stone. They two began dating and tied the knot in Las Vegas in 1992.

Stone told Judge Napolitano that at six 0’clock in the morning there was “pounding on the door” and that he was “sleeping on the second floor with my wife, who is hearing impaired—virtually deaf.”After Stone relayed the stunning number of FBI agents with “sidearms and assault weapons pointed at my home.” Stone told Napolitano that he was told by the FBI agents  to “come out with my hands up.” Stone continued, “I was told I told to come out with my hands up— I did. I was told I was uh, under arrest. No one read me my rights, I might add.”

Stone relayed one of the more frightening moments of the pre-dawn raid for him and his wife: “I was afraid that  they would go upstairs, think my wife was not complying with to an order that she could not hear, and shoot her.” Napolitano asked, “Did they take your wife out of the house, Roger?” Stone told the judge that they did bring his “barefoot” wife outside and made her stand next to him, even though she wasn’t guilty of anything.

Watch the incredible exchange here:

It isn’t the first time Mueller’s squad of goons treated the wife of a suspect tied to President Trump with utter disrespect.


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