Right After Cancelling Tim Allen’s TV Show, ABC Has Got A FULL LINEUP Of Bad News!

I love me some Tim Allen and I have been watching him since about the time he first started appearing on TV. I loved his autobiography that came out in the 1990s, it was probably one of the better ones of an entertainer that I have read.We have all heard about the HIT ABC TV show The Last Man Standing getting canceled. It is obviously a weak attempt at trying to keep conservative TV shows off of their network.

Now, ABC has other problems they have to deal with. Due to their reckless attempt at playing politics over a TV show, people are protesting. They are not protesting in vagina hats, either — they are threatening ABC in a REAL way. They are boycotting the entire channel.  This could be devastating for the liberal network.  The reason for the outrage seems to stem from two things. First, you have the popularity of the show, which has 8.1 MILLION viewers. It is the second most watched comedy on ABC, according to Heat Street. So, why would they cancel it?

They would do it because the show is conservative, and Tim Allen (who plays the main character) is right-leaning in real life. This is what we have come to, and it’s so sad. People are playing childish games over TV shows because they don’t agree with the politics, and TRUMP is literally Hitler, right? It sure sounds like someone is trying to impose their views with an iron fist, but it isn’t President Trump.

When all of this information came to light, people were ANGRY! Many families watched the show religiously and found it to be in good taste. Once it was canceled, people began to take to Twitter.

Thousands of posts have popped up over the past couple days. Even Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got in on the action. He tweeted, “Looks like ABC is playing politics with your show despite decent ratings. Sad.”

Thousands of others have come out in droves to express their OUTRAGE over a TV show being canceled simply due to the politics they support. People are not just angry that they liked the show, it is the PRINCIPAL of the matter.

It is only getting more intense as time goes on. There have been four petitions going around, urging people to bring the show back. We hope that they get enough to show ABC how foolish they are being.

Think about it, SOMEWHERE in the guts of ABC’s offices there is a room full of GROWN ADULTS saying “I don’t like agree with the politics of this fictional character; CANCEL IT!” It is unreal. No one stood up and said, “Hey, this is our second most watched comedy, we are going to tank in ratings.” NO ONE? We can only assume that after the meeting they went back to their safe spaces and sucked on pacifiers for the remainder of the day

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