Remember How Starbucks Opened Their Bathrooms Up To Everyone? Well, It’s Backfiring HORRIBLY!

Last year, a Starbucks manger in Philadelphia caught a ration of grief from the political correct overcharged masses when they kicked a group of men who came into use the restroom and nothing else while they were waiting for someone, as was their claim.

The manager informed them of a policy that the store had which stated that only customers could use the restroom. Now, the word customer covers a lot of legal ground. If someone so much as bought one cookie, that made them a customer. If you have to pee bad enough you will buy a cookie.

Anyway, due to the skin color of the principals involved racism was automatically the claim even though it was a store policy and Starbucks cut bait with the manager and left them out to sea to be eaten by sharks.

They then instituted a policy that made it so everyone that wanted to use the Starbucks restroom could use one regardless of whether or not they purchased anything. In the vein of bad ideas, this is a pretty bad idea.

First of all, if you aren’t a customer you have no pride for how a place looks. If you are just going in there one time to do whatever you will be more than willing to mess the place up.

Give you an example, it wasn’t that long ago that I went into a gas station when I had to use the restroom that they said was for customers only. I was buying something anyway so they gave me the little key and went in. I have to say, it was the cleanest gas station restroom I had ever seen in my entire life.

Also, Starbucks as a corporation isn’t thinking for one moment of the poor people that have to clean that restroom once everything is all over.

Via Daily Wire:

Fast forward a few months. Certain Starbucks locations, less than a year after announcing this enlightened new restroom philosophy, now must install special disposal boxes for used heroin needles.

They’ll also be removing regular trashcans from some bathrooms after employees expressed concern about getting pricked with needles while changing out the bags.

There have been reports of condoms, alcohol bottles, and blood stains on the floors.

Indeed, this bathroom free-for-all has made bathrooms ironically less accessible as some Starbucks restaurants have had to close their stalls for extended periods due to, says the New York Post, “prolonged cleaning.”

It may be fairly pointed out that Starbucks probably had many of these problems even before the new policy.

Yes, and that’s exactly the point. That’s why the policy existed in the first place. A spacious, private, single-stall bathroom at a Starbucks in an urban area is an attractive place for drug addicts, drunks, vagrants, and other assorted characters.

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