Rape Victim BRAVELY Testifies About How Gun Control Laws Ruined Her Life (VIDEO)

There are a lot of liberals that seem to think that everyone that is in favor of gun ownership is someone that owns fifty of them and keeps them locked in an underground vault in their rapture room.

Not exactly. There are a lot of people that own one or maybe two guns. Most of the people that I know have a hunting rifle of some kind and another pistol that they keep because it’s pretty damn hard to conceal a hunting rifle.

It’s something like this that is the reason why I still have one of my uncles around.

Many years ago he was traveling cross country and stopped at a rest stop late at night. He was walking towards the rest rooms and someone hit him in the back of the head.

As he was going down, he figured that someone had knocked him in the back and that this was not a bird dropping a pebble from the sky.

He is on the ground for a moment and the attacker starts yelling something about his wallet. As my uncle turns over on his back he gets his pistol out of his holster and when he turned all the way around the would be mugger is met directly with the barrel of a gun.

My uncle backed him off to where he could get up he held him there until he could call the police. Had he lived under liberal rules he may not have lived.

Via Conservative Tribune: Democrats don’t seem to understand that gun control only prevents good people from protecting themselves.

In preparation for passing new gun control legislation, the Democratic-controlled House Judiciary Committee held a hearing Wednesday on “gun violence,” according to The Associated Press.

“For far too long, Republicans in Congress have offered moments of silence instead of action in the wake of gun tragedies. That era is over,” House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler said.

Their proposed bill, H.R. 8, would introduce onerous, unnecessary universal background checks.

And that’s only the first gun control bill that’s coming out of the Democrat-controlled House. There are definitely more to come.

Before the bill is finalized, the House Judiciary Committee took testimonies — mostly anti-gun testimonies, but they did hear from Savannah Lindquist, a legal gun owner and rape survivor.

Lindquist’s story is tragic. She was attacked at North Philadelphia’s Temple University — a gun-free college campus, which meant she was unable to protect herself.

“I was left completely shattered,” she said.

Check out a portion of her testimony here.

“I was living my dream,” the 24-year old began, about the attack in 2016. “I had just begun my senior year of college. I was at my dream school with my dream major. I loved my job and was just months easy from graduating college.”

Her ideal college dream “shattered” when she was raped.

She was a trained gun owner and could have defended herself if she was legally allowed to have her gun on campus.

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