RADIO LEGEND PAUL HARVEY Warned Us Over 50yrs Ago And His Prediction Has Come True! (VIDEO)

Paul Harvey was absolutely awesome.

He was one of those people that seemed like he was an expert and authority on just about every subject he talked about.

You wouldn’t expect someone under retirement age to say something like this about a broadcaster who began his career when people still saw in black and white, but I have probably consumed more Paul Harvey than anyone my age.

The small town I grew up in had a cable channel that was a clock at the top of the screen and was pretty much a classified ads/local events notification channel when it wasn’t being used for the odd pay per view. When it wasn’t broadcasting boxing or wrestling on the odd weekend day it would show the local events and would broadcast a local country station over it.

I would put this on a lot when I was getting ready for school so I knew what time I had to get to the bus. A lot of the time during this, Paul Harvey would be on. I probably listened to a random 30-45 minutes of him every weekday for years.

As I have gotten older I have come to understand that he was much more than just that nice old man on the radio.

Via Tap Haps: Paul Harvey, a conservative American news commentator and talk-radio pioneer whose staccato style made him one of America’s most familiar voices, reached tens of millions of listeners at the peak of his career.

His “idiosyncratic delivery of news stories with dramatic pauses, quirky intonations, and many of his standard lead-ins and sign-offs” made him extremely recognizable on the radio.

Although he was very accurate in his reporting, no one could imagine that his famous words from decades ago would be prophetic, describing the reality of today.
Indeed, over half a century ago, the legendary ABC Radio commentator, who was born Paul Harvey Aurandt in 1918, seeming predicted how the United States is right now during a broadcast that aired in 1965.

Once most of us hear the famous line that’s also the title of the speech and is repeated throughout the essay, we recognize the broadcast almost immediately.

If I were the Devil,” Paul Harvey famously said in 1965 before discussing issues we are faced with today.

However, although Harvey’s words have an undeniable truth, they may not be as prophetic as some might believe.

Yes, Paul Harvey originally wrote his famous “If I Were The Devil” essay in 1964.
The broadcast of the essay aired in 1965, and it is still popular today. But, the current rendition that often circulates the internet was updated by Harvey to reflect current events throughout his life, which sadly ended in 2009.

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