Just In: Big Time Pharma Billionaire And Wife Found DEAD

It seems extremely strange when people of means are found dead in their homes, especially billionaires Pharmaceutical Billionaire and wife found dead in their Toronto home. Police are now investigating their mysterious deaths as natural causes has been ruled out. Possible foul play? Maybe….

Billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Honey were both found dead inside their Toronto mansion early Friday morning.

Candian police are now investigating these suspicious deaths.

Barry Sherman is the founder of a Canadian pharmaceutical firm called Apotex.

This is just another highly suspicious death investigation. Clearly having found both of them dead ruled out natural causes.

There was no forced entry or robbery seemed to have taken place which further adds to the mystery of their deaths.

People just don’t up and decide to die together.

The married couple was found dead after police responded to a medical call just before noon at their home in the affluent neighborhood on the north-east side of Toronto.

“The circumstances of their death appear suspicious and we are treating it that way,” said police officer David Hopkinson. Homicide detectives later went on to tell reporters who were gathered outside the home that there were no signs of forced entry.

Sherman who was 75 years old was the founder of the privately owned Apotex, which he founded in 1974. He stepped down as chief executive in 2013 but remained executive chairman.

Forbes has estimated the Sherman and his wife had a net worth of $3.2 billion.

Although this is just speculation, the events give way to the conclusion that maybe Barry Sherman knew something he shouldn’t have and was killed in order to keep him silent. Pure speculation though!

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