Pat Sajak Rips Los Angeles A New One After They Voted To Get Rid Of Columbus Day..

I don’t think that there is an American drawing breath right now that doesn’t love Pat Sajak.

He is one of those people that at the end of the day will tell you what is on his mind, vowels free of charge, and you will get the truth from him. He’s a damn good man among people in the entertainment industry that seemingly want you to have to have an opinion on literally everything. Sajak isn’t like that.

In a move that I am certain made voting members feel very good about themselves (with the exception of the one dissenter), the Los Angeles City Council decided earlier this week to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

The 14-1 vote is about as goofy as politically correct moves come, but of course there are a plethora of liberals who view the action as a major victory for Native Americans, with the Los Angeles Times hailing it as “long overdue.”

As liberals continue to steamroll American history and reconstruct it to more properly fit a liberal narrative, conservatives need heroes who will stand up and point out their silliness.

“Looking forward to my upcoming visit to Indigenous Peoples, Ohio,” he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Of course, this made a splash online, with better than a thousand likes, shares and comments, my favorite of which by far is “I slept on a Megachurch futon last night. You don’t know how much I needed that quip.”

Now, you might not want to claim that Christopher Columbus was a good person — he wasn’t. I’ve read a large portion of the Christopher Columbus’ writings, and believe me when I say you probably wouldn’t like the guy.

That being said, he’s still the man widely credited with opening the New World up to exploration by Europeans, a move that was absolutely necessary to make America what it is today. That’s worth remembering.

Plus, “Indigenous Peoples, Ohio,” just doesn’t roll off the tongue very well.

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