WATCH: Florida AG Pam Bondi Recalls NIGHTMARE With Leftist Bullies: “3 HUGE Guys” Tried To Start Physical Altercation With Her…

Pam Bondi is like anyone else that’s a Democrat or a Republican, she has every right to go out and not be bothered if she is not bothering anybody.

When politicians have traditionally been confronted by the general public it has for the most part been in the form of protests.  The thing that has been happening lately though is people are being whipped into a frenzy by liberal politicians to do everything short of cause bodily harm to them.

Bondi is a good person. I can personally recall last year during the run up to Hurricane Irma when some less than reputable retailers were selling water for astronomical markups that she was physically walking into some of them and fining them on the spot. She is a good person no matter what side of the aisle you are on.

Florida AG Pam Bondi was verbally assaulted and physically threatened by a group of thugs while she waited in line to purchase tickets to see the Mr. Rogers documentary at a movie theater in Florida.

Bondi explained what happened to Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt:

“We were at a movie, my boyfriend and I, we were in line to get tickets, and it’s Mr. Rogers, the irony of that.”

Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt interrupts to explain that the movie is a documentary about his life.

Bondi explained that the movie is about how Mr. Rogers was about anti-bullying and respecting the views of others.

Bondi explained that a woman approached her in the ticket line and accused her of personally of ripping babies from their mother’s arms.

Bondi attempted to talk to them, but it only further enraged the group, as “3 huge men” came forward and began screaming in her face. Bondi noted that a police officer got between them and attempted to get her and her boyfriend to get safely into the theater. As they were entering the theater, the leftist thugs surrounded her and threatened her and her boyfriend, screaming expletives, and threatening her.

Bondi continued with her story, as she explained how the thugs followed her into the theater and again, confronted her and her boyfriend as they waited in line to purchase popcorn.

Earhardt reminded the viewers that the multiple acts of aggression and threats committed by leftist thugs have all been against women.

Bondi laughed, as she agreed that women have indeed been who the left is targeting in their new plan to threaten violence against anyone who disagrees with them.

Bondi assured Earnhardt, however, that she has no plans to change the way she thinks or the way she defends the law because of the Democrats call to threaten their opposition wherever they may be.

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