Watch: Packers Asked The Fans To Link Arms. What They Did Instead Will Make Your Heart Soars…

The goodwill that comes from being the star quarterback of someone’s football team will only take you so far.

You can ask people to do anything you want but if they don’t agree with you they simply aren’t going to do it.

The Green Bay Packers asked fans last night to link arms to show ‘unity’ last night during the national anthem.

From Daily Caller: Quarterback Aaron Rogers even made a personal request, saying “we’ve got to come together and talk about these things and grow as a community, as a connected group of individuals in our society, and we’re going to continue to show love and unity, and this week we’re going to ask the fans to join in as well and come together and show people that we can be connected and we can grow together.”

The players, staff and owners all linked arms, some stretching through the process to reach their hands over their hears.

But people were by and large not going for it.

 The game was broadcast on the NFL Network, and the cameras panned the crowd during the anthem but only managed to capture a few people linking arms. Throughout most of the song, performed by country singer Tyler Farr, the cameras did not show close shots of the crowd. When they did, the crowd at Lambeau Field was mostly seen standing with their hands over their hearts with a few in attendance saluting.

Seems the fans are more hip to what’s actually happening than the players or the staff.

If the point of the linking of arms was to protest President Donald Trump or to show support for the Kaepernick anti-American effort, they weren’t buying it.

 Not to mention that it’s not the proper way to stand during the national anthem.

And Jim Nance noted there was a chant of “USA!” prior to the anthem.

This, like the boos against kneeling at other games, is showing the NFL what people think.

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